Final project's Degree in Design, evaluated with honors. Tutor Project: Antoni Arola

Furniture design to provide solutions to the current needs of integrating a workspace at home or small spaces. Complete workstation with space for a table computer, peripherals and work materials. Furniture that takes into account the lack of space in the home and allows to arrange the work material and personal items quickly hidding them. Configurable depending on the activity performed.

In order to reduce the impact and wires clutter it has been incorporated the wiring inside the table. That provides all the necesary wires and conecctions from the factory. All items we have on the table and need a connection can be connected in some strips that are at the bottom of the table

In order to avoid unnecessary objects on the working surface, the light is built into the table itself. It is located at the top hidden from view. It is adjustable directional, so that we can set light needs depending on the job. Also, the lamp lets out some of the light upwards giving indirect light to the domestic environment.

Side modules can store everything you need for work

Steel plate on the front of the workstation is hinged. In case you want to place the furniture against a window, we can take advantage of natural lightAlso allows us to compose different workspaces.

Examples of use